Question about priority

When it comes to network rules and individual program rules, which gets applied first? Say I blocked something in a certain program but I allow it in network rules.

Here’s my perception: Application Rules define what programs are allowed or not to have internet access and Network Rules define how those programs that are already connected interact with the internet (specifically, only ports and which protocols are defined here). So it should be Applications that have priority.

Example: uTorrent is in Comodo Firewall’s trusted application database, meaning it already has internet access (with “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified…” enabled). If you created an Application block rule for this program then it won’t be able to connect.

Well, I opened ports for utorrent under my router. However, even after I allow utorrent to accept in connections under app rules for those ports, I still had to open up the ports under network rules. So Im assuming that the Network rules overrid the App rules even though I had allow it for utorrent.