Question about Positivessl

I would like to know how a company like Comodo can give a positive SSL seal to a company like; Tenant Verified?
This company is placing fake adds all over Craigslist, providing a link to their services then once the victim has a report to take to the Fake Landlord, They never hear from them again.
This is a copy of the letter I received from a CL post:

Hey Adam,

The property is a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath with garage and washer/dryer. Cats and dogs are accepted with a $100 cleaning charge.

The requirements to rent our property are the following:

  1. A copy of your drivers license
  2. 1st months rent and optional fee for pets
  3. Lease Agreement, I’ll bring it to the showing
    (Options are month-to-month, 6 month or one year)
  4. Completed background check for each applicant

The provider we use is Tenant Verified: link.

This is an affordable way for me to screen applicants based on prior addresses and employment information. If you have a felony or bad tenant history, I am flexible and I’ll help you out.

Let me know when you’ve completed your background check. It’s in a .pdf, you can print it and bring to the showing or email it to me. I am looking for serious tenants not window shoppers or tire kickers, I have 3 rental properties and a full time job.

What is the best contact number for you? Are you available tomorrow?

Enjoy your Saturday!

Tanya Tuplano

The only people to profit from this scam is Tenant Verified. A company bearing the Possitive SSL Secure Seal from COMODO.
Shame on you. I hope when someone places a class action suit against this company. Your company should be named as co-defendants.
From what I see for a couple of bucks anyone can buy COMODO Seal. It wiill be spread on Live Leaks very soon.
Adam McMahon. (my real name, because I am not out ripping people off and have nothing to be ashamed of)

An Organisation Validted (OV) or Extended Validated (EV) certificate positively identifies the owner of the site as a copy of passport or drivers license is required to identify when applying for one.

This can be compared to registering your business to a regional chamber of commerce. It provides a legal starting point. You then know you are doing business with. This business could be fraudulent but there is less of a chance because we know who owns the business.

Fraudulent businesses are being dealt with by law enforcement agencies. A certificate authority is not a law enforcement agency.

Edit: changed Enhanced to Extended (Validation). Eric

The website you refer to has a PostiveSSL logo, however, the actual SSL on the site was provided by a Comodo competitor (which can be trivially confirmed).
In the end, this is a case of someone stealing Comodo’s trademark.

Subsequent to your legal threats, are you sure you have nothing to be ashamed of?