Question about my network rules [Resolved]

Hi, I just switched from the free version of zone alarm because I culd not open a port in it. So far this looks like a fantastic program! When I started the setup I choosed advanced and then I followed the flash tutorial. Thunderbird, Firefox and Flashget work and my wireless network too, so my question is did I really set it up correctly? Is it protecting my computer and where/how can I test it? Thanks

Good to have you on board Tank :slight_smile:
you can always try the leak tests.


Ok I tryed Sygate TCP scan and it tells me that port 21 is not stealthed, why is that?

do you have a router?
cos the scan is most likely scanning your port rather than your firewall installed on your machine as your machine is behind the router. is a good place where you can get lots of leak tests and run them.

Yes I have a router. I tryed disableing its firewall but then almost none of the ports are stealthed, besides am I not supossed to use both for max security?

of course you should use both.
The point i was trying to make is: the test you run from sygate can only scan your router! This is why when you disable your firewall on the router it shows the ports as open as it still scans the router and not your machine! It is your router that sygate scan is scanning… not your PC!


So there is no way to scan my PC if I’m useing a router, correct? And thanks for your help and fast replays.

Nope. Unless your PC has a real ip address, there is no way. Stealth tests are not important if you enable your routers fw. That will do enough.

OK, tnx egemen that is all I wanted to know.