Question about KillSwitch in CIS6

I haven’t updated to CIS6 yet, and here the features of CCE have been implemented into CIS6. I don’t wanna ■■■■■ with CIS6 until a newer version is released in Jan 2013 so that many of the fixes can be applied.

I was wondering on the KillSwitch feature, I use Process Explorer over built-in Win Task Manager (cause that is just ■■■■■■). I like that Process Explorer can be checked to replace Windows Task Manager and seems to be way more responsive. Is that possible to setup with KillSwitch? Or should I just stick with Process Explorer over KillSwitch? Or is KillSwitch to advanced that it would be better to leave Process Explorer for the other users of the pc and dont ■■■■■ things up.

I didn’t know if I should have asked this in the CCE forum, so if so please move it over there just asked here since it’s in CIS6.

You could replace it.
I will keep process explorer.
You will need killswitch though to view your internet traffic in v6. As strange as this might look to you :smiley:

Killswitch can be set to replace Task Manager. If you want to have Killswitch or Process Explorer or Process Hacker or whatever tool to replace Task Manager it all boils down to personal preferences.