Question about internet explorer and comodo [Resolved]


I’m a bit concerned as before I had a few trojans etc and had to restore my lap top completly. Well I have noticed that when i connect to internet explorer that in the connections tabs their seems to be about 7+ Tcp out now I have done a check of the IP addresses and have found that Yahoo seems tio be a big factor which i do have a toolbar from them is this a Yahoo thing to use so many TCPs, I have also noticed some are internet compaines based in the USA and also a couple are microsofts etc. Are these stealing my bandwith or is this just a normal process as i have noticed my internt sometimes is slow when its a 2mb connection. Sometimes they go completly then come back again I think i might just be a little paranoid but wanted to check here as i get great response here. I also have run Avira and malware bytes and no threats.

Thanks I hope you understand what I mean and can let me know that this is ok as it happens too with Firefox but not as many sometimes only 2 and this has Yahoo toolbar. Thanks alot.

This is normal for a browser.

If you open a page that is very busy/ad laden you can get many connections, as the page links to many places to draw different elements. :wink:


Thanks I can just ignore it then. As always you’ve put my mind at ease. You guys are stars, take care. ;D

You’re welcome.

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