Question about Installion with comodo

Hello,I think I did a fault with installion things with comodo .
till yesterday I installed things like that:
1.start the installion with firewall mode : safe mode and D+ mode: Clean pc mode .
2. every ballon messege from comodo while the installion i pressed: Allow this request .
3.restart computer .

yesterday I read

so now I confused if my things that I installed didnt damage or something because i didnt start Installion mode in comodo and didnt put in training mode the D+ :S .

No need to worry bros,everything you did was fine :-TU

Inastallation mode is for when installing to help reduce the pop ups.Training mode is useful when first playing a game to help D+ learn the various aspects.
As long as you have the tick next to system status you are ok.You could also do miscellaneous/diagnostics,which just does a quick check to make sure all is ok.


Ty very much for your help Matty.R :-TU