Question about HDD Bad Sectors

I know my HDD has a few bad sectors and I have ran chkdsk bad sector repair scan. It detects the bad sectors and locks the sectors but after I run CSC or CSU now, it removed the lock and the HDD starts reading/writing to that spot and sometimes causes it to crash.

I would send the HDD back to Seagate but the software they said scan with says the drive isnt damaged enough to replace?

I was wondering if there is a registry key that gets created from chkdsk to stop from using those sectors and maybe that CSC or CSU finds this registry as an error and marks it for cleaning.

try WinDLG from Western Digital,

it also works with Seagate HDDs. Run an Extended scan of your hard disk, if it finds any errors, click repair.

After completing this process, open command prompt and run

chkdsk c: /f
(replace “c:” with what ever your drive letter is)

this would permanently reallocate the bad sectors and repairs filesystem.

Hope this helps, PM me if you have any doubts.

Sorry for replying back, just wanted to say that the Samsung harddrive was defective and that Seagate had me send it in and they said that there were physical problems with the drive and they have replaced it for me and all is good