Question about EasyVPN

Perhaps someone can quickly answer this question, since I can’t seem to find the answer on Comodo site or here in the forum:

Can EasyVPN be used in a bridged network mode (TAP Adapter, perhaps?)

I’m trying to set up a VPN “server” on my home server and have a VPN “client” on my laptop(s), so that on the road I can vpn into my home network and have ALL of my network traffic routed through that home server.

I can do this with OpenVPN, by setting up a virtual ethernet adapter, in a TAP mode, which OpenVPN supports. But it’s quite a messy, complicated setup with I was hoping to avoid, if EasyVPN has some network bridging feature…


i know this is working with hamachi. but since there are in some order similar, u can try to do it. if u are looking for a tutorial, of how to on hamachi, there is one on & on the logmein wiki.

but will this work ? no idea m8

Thanks for that.

I suspect the reason it works with Hamachi (which I’ve used a few years back) is that Hamachi does set up it’s own Virtual Ethernet Adapter in Windows, if I remember correctly.

I’m trying to find out if this product (Comodo EasyVPN) does that also from someone who’s already installed it…