Question about Comodo IceDragon.

Hi people at Comodo!

I have a question about Comodo IceDragon.

I notis to day that im running v22 and Firefox is now up to v24, and as you all know running outdated browser is a bad idea.

So I wonder are you planning to release any new version in the future?


I think we might have to wait until firefox 25 be released,which is on their way, and after expect for comodo ice dragon
Too bad

Running an outdated browser is only as bad as whatever bugs it has. A website may take advantage of the bug to infect or steal data. Since Icedragon is more secure than FF out of the box, I’m not too worried about running a slightly outdated browser.

Those are the security bugs you are OK with having in your browser. Firefox 25 is coming out next week so there will be a few more to add. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a version 25 CID. Best to switch to something else and go back only if Comodo shows that they are dedicated to providing timely updates.

Cassette thanks for the headsup, FF 25 official release tomorrow. Am always hesitant to install official releases for the trouble they can cause with addons, so good to know the date to make a backup :-TU