Question about comodo firewall

Comodo firewall has an option for malwqare protection,should i use it?i already have antispyware program on my pc

Can you be more specific about which option your talking about? Im assuming the leak prevention, or Defense Plus?

yes what malware protection are you referring to?

Scanning engine under “Scan My System” is only On-Demand, it is not active all the time (not resident protection), so you may use any other AS/AV and scan periodically whit Comodo build-in if you want, you will not have any conflict.

I am talking about defence plus,is this nesesary to activate since i have antyspyware protection? Oo

yes. Defense+ is a behavioral/heuristic malware protection. it doesn’t need malware signature like AS/AV.
if you want a “Firewall only”. at least try installing Firewall with Leak protection (not basic firewall only)