Question about cmdagent.exe

Hello everyone,
I’m a new Comodo user. After I installed everything (Antivirus & Firewall) I deleted all default settings because I wanted to decide for myself which connections get in or out and which are blocked or not. After some time I got the message that cmdagent.exe wanted to have a connection to the internet. I blocked it because I wasn’t sure what it was and comodo seems to run just fine with that.
Maybe someone can tell me what exactly cmdagent.exe is there for and if its necessary to thave access to the internet all the time (when I check the firewall I can see that cmdagent.exe tries again and again to get access every minute)

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

cmdagent.exe is the process that carries out the protection and rule enforcement tasks for CIS. The connection attempts are probably CIS trying to talk to the cloud for file looks up/whitelist and TVL updates.