Question about CFP v3 icon on systray

Hi there, I’m a newbie here in CFPv3. I recently installed CFP v3. I just noticed recently why the icon on the system tray sometimes has this “shield with fire”, and sometimes upon bootup it just only the shield with the check. Sorry for may be a stupid question, but I just notice it and would like to have some answers if anyone here in the forum has. Thanks! (R)

Hi zacharry,

This has come up before HERE dont think there was a definative answer as to why.

Regards Matty

ps Welcome to the forum

Thanks, its definitely not the answer but at least I know that it’s not a virus or something. Actually, the “shield with fire icon” did not showed up lately, and I think the one I am referring to, is the icon on the desktop shortcut from CFP3. That is the one I used to see appearing on the systray. Anyway, thanks for the link and I hope someone could share an answer for this. (V)