question about boot clean

i remember seeing a comodo forum thread about how to burn bootit cd and clean your system’s boot mbr’s from ubuntu or any other platform can someone tell me how to burn bootit so i can delete a boot loader on my system

What you want to do is not clear.

Have you a running os (or several in multiboot?) or are they ■■■■■■■?

What does the mbr need to be fixed for?

bootit is actually a multiboot tool, whose primary function is not to repair the mbr but to write a proprietary bootloader, i find such an idea very nasty (if someday you are crashed to plain dos, the proprietary bootloader shall forbid you the access to your disk).

If only having to fix the mbr for whatever reason, fdisk /mbr does it from the windows dos prompt.
if for some reason the windows gui is not accessible, it is far better to have under hand a freedos live cd and the lightest linux distro you could find (Puppy is a good example).
From freedos xfdisk and puppy standard tools, you are in most situations able to format, partition, and restore.
If you need specific dos mbr utilities, e.g. bootpart or mkbt would be better choices.

If you are only aiming at prevention tools, realize a freedos and puppy live cd, and make a multibooting usb stick with e.g. syslinux/gparted/bartPE.
The specific sites treating such questions (bart, 911cd/usb multiboot…) also link a great variety of very light dos/linux tools for handling almost every booting, partitionning and mbr problem without having to use (outside of maybe grub) a heavy (and not always working) proprietary bootloader.

xosl, gag and spfdisk shall also crash you quite often, and spfdisk is very unconvivial: again, if you need a multiboot loader, grub or syslinux, why not both (some images can be loaded by one and not the other) are the best choices.

But you should maybe start by telling us exactly what you want to do, with what os, working or crashed…

thank you for the help. I dont have a problem with my computer i just have two boot loaders and want to delete the linux one and keep the windows one and delete the linux partition

You can’t have two mbr.

Depending of how you made the installation, you are either booting (if using xp, for vista and 7, i don’t know) from ntldr or grub.

Delete the linux partition.

Edit boot.ini and delete whatever line refers to linux boot.

Delete grub from the system partition.

The easiest command to restore xp mbr is fdisk /mbr, but you can’t run it from the system partition itself: you have to run it from another partition.
If you don’t have any, launch the xp cd and run the recovery console, run fixmbr c:
If you don’t have activated the recovery console, launch either a windows 98 dos disk and run fdisk /mbr (or, from another harddisk, fdisk /cmbr c:, either a freedos live cd and run fdisk/mbr or xfdisk /mbr.
the NT system files, ntldr, boot.ini and bootfont.bin must be present at the root of the system partition, and if you intend it to also be dos bootable also the windows 9x bootfiles io.sys, msdos.sys, config.sys, autoexec.bat).
It they have been corrupted by your linux install or absent, download mkbt and restore them with this tool.

The best tool I found for multiboot systems is EasyBCD. The beta builds, for registered users only, do a wonderful job with XP in the multi boot but didn’t use with Linux .