Hi, a totally noob aspiring linux user (or perhaps admin) here. I have read that Trustix Secure Linux is a good distro. Is it really that secure and stable (3.0.5 )? Well, my real query is ZTL can be used with Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5 and can be made into a “Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, transparent proxy, content filtering firewall and others?” Can all those that I identified be hosted in a single server?

We are really on a tight budget and I am really a Windows guy who likes to switch. In Windows, I know that these these should atleast be hosted in different servers (atleast 2 servers).

Additional question would be if I am to deploy it, can it handle Windows clients? Will I achieve the same or better control in managing users (in Windows, that would be Group Policy)?

It will be a longshot but I must convince the management to go for linux, furthermore, Trustix and ZTL.

BTW, nice job! (:CLP)

All of the services can be hosted on the same server. It will handle windows clients via domain controller, with the ability to tune similar group policy settings.
Also, you might want to go with CentOS/ZTL combo if you are using x64 servers.

Just using 32-bit. Will now try to install TSL and ZTL. (:KWL)

Again, Thank you and more power! :Beer

Just a followup. I wish to deploy ZTL using Trustix is fronting its distribution as secure and stable with ease of management. But when I was browsing the procedures on how to install ZTL, the steps (I think) is geared towards installing it on CentOS. But since I am a real noob, I just like to dip into Linux without much hassle.


ZTL Download And Install Instructions

To download and install ZTL you need:
Download ZTL rpm package task-ztl from
http://download.trustix.com/ztl/1.0-centos/i586/CentOS/RPMS/task-ztl-1.0-1c4.i586.rpm (the file is ~2 KB).
Install RPM package task-ztl:
rpm -ihv task-ztl-1.0-1c4.i586.rpm
Note: after installation task-ztl package, new YUM mirrorlist file CentOs-ZTL.repo will be able in the directory /etc/yum.repos.d):
name=CentOS-$releasever - Contrib
Install ZTL with YUM:
yum -y install ztl
After ZTL is installed, start ZTL service:
service ztl start
After ZTL is started, connect to https://ZTL_HOST:10000.
Login with name admin and server root password.

Seems Like I have to abandon the idea of using Trustix and use CentOS with ZTL.

DistroWatch published this article this month:

The article points to:

Paging all! pls verify!


You could also download the complete Centos 4.4 ZTL package. This will install in a snap!



Thanks Erwin. Is this the same image from vadim in the other topic?

Another question though…is CentOS secure, stable and easy to manage and update?



Sorry for the delay.
Yes, same product as vadim mentions. I think I quoted a snapshot.

If you don’t really need the latest Centos, version 4.4 is stable and will work fabulously. (So download the all-in-one CD!!)
Through the ZTL GUI the latest patches can be installed. Works like a charm.
Centos is very much alive and well maintained. You could check Centos.org on the activity there.

Although the ZTL forum doesn’t show much activity, the product gives you a very nice means to poke a lot of the packages in Centos. (That’s all it really does.)
Your alternative would be a commercial product like CPanel or Plesk (or a free one like Webmin)


thanks erwin. I’ve installed it already. another question…I was greeted by a command line and I logged in. Where to go from there? The iso pretty much has the ztl installed and service activated. I do not know how to go to the GUI where I can log. I have tried to connect but to no avail. will try again in 9 hrs…where I can shut down the server and boot up Centos.

Thanks so much.

You assigned an IP address to the box when you installed the OS. If the IP address is assigned by DHCP you should query the DHCP server for the info. (Wouldn’t recommend a dynamic IP for a server though.)
From another computer you go to https://theIPaddressofyourserver:10000 and you should be fine.


Hi Erwin, thanks. It was foolish of me to try to connect to it using a client with a configured proxy server settings. Just took out the proxy settings and everything was sweet…well, almost.

As I’ve said, I’m a noob and now got to read the manual but hey, now I can connect and able to see some light…and all thanks to ZTL with special mention to Erwin. :Beer

Will keep you posted of my adventures using ZTL.

Hey, do somebody know how to make ZTL a PDC? I cant figure out how to make a DC using it.

While at it, just want to share to you that I have got the DHCP , proxy, and firewall running…well sort of as I had to configure firewall to allow all…hehehe. Still the display seems to be distorted on the client when browsing and there are time that some (OK…most) of the sites are inaccessible.

Any ideas?



  1. PDC
    At first you should install ‘PDC Appliance’:
    ‘ZTL Management’ → ‘Configure Server’ → ‘Windows Share Appliances’ → ‘Configure Appliance’

After that you can manage PDC configuration:
‘ZTL Management’ → ‘Windows Sharing Management’

  1. Firewall
    a) open ‘ZTL Management’ → ‘Firewall Management’
    b) click submit ‘Reset firewall’
    c) enable ‘Allow all traffic’
    d) click submit ‘Setup firewall’