Quarantined files

Hi I am currently using ‘Instant Malware Analysis’, and I always seem to get the following type message, where it states ‘process failed’ and then further down verdict as 'Not Rated as Suspicious ’

Any idea why it says process failed.

Also I noticed you now have another submit website with options such as malware or false positive. But I don’t know which of these when I submit the file. Have not used the new website yet.

One last question is that I get a lot of files all similar to ‘A0100366.dll’, and they all sit in the system restore folder. The last time I submitted some they appeared as likely false positives. Just wondered what makes Comodo pick these numbers up and not the other numbers in the same folders.

Thanks Mohan

Message below from 'Instant Malware Analysis

Name Value
Size 68464
MD5 be50e047181f3438421ba57fd4c3bb7a
SHA1 4079c945171816bb47aa5e67117eaa8bc68af5ad
SHA256 da174ec1dbc85a243d7f1dc8da2f5f1005aaeded73ed097f1444da68e021d5de
Process Failed

• Verdict
Auto Analysis Verdict
Not Rated as Suspicious