Quarantined files

I have just downloaded Windows Service Pack 3 which transferred lots of files into ’ My Pending Files’. I have reviewed these and moved some to ‘safe’ status. I have also moved some to ‘Quarantined Files’ in error and I now cannot open Outlook Express and access some other files. The help guide within the program only tells you how to transfer files INTO quarantine. How do I now transfer out those I want the computer to access?
Any help would be great.

Hi welshwizard,welcome to the forums.

Just select all the files you put in quarantine and choose “Purge” first(this takes away any not still valid and then “Remove”(this will not remove them from your comp,just quarantine)

:■■■■ Matty

Hi Matty
Thanks a lot. Have done as you suggested and everything seems to be working. I know it sounds obvious, but I am not completely au fait with computer technology and did not want to click ‘Remove’ only to find it means delete!
Thank goodness for forums. Thanks again


Put D+ in Safe mode this way you don’t need to deal with pending files anymore.