Nice job Whoop.
One minor thing. The “Submit to COMODO” button should be “Submit to COMODO For Analysis” like JNavas suggested. :wink:


Pretty good


Very good! (:s*)
I’d change just the “Quarantine” warning dialogs:

  • change titles to “Restore from Quarantine”
  • underline “known
  • change “can cause harm” to “may result in harm
  • Add Help buttons! (Context sensitive Help should always be available.)

John (:CLP)

think you

The submit screen in Quarantine should have check boxes to allow the user to select which files to submit (as the screen showed one file already submitted, resubmitting that file would waste resources and time).

Done! Rather than re-posting the pics, I simply edited the pics in my previous post. You can see the corrections there.
I made a slight modifcation to one of your suggestions: rather than “may result in harm to your computer”, I made it even more concise with “may harm your computer.”

In the current Quarantine window in CIS, the files are selected by turning the line grey (see 1st entry in pic). So, indicating that a file is selected can either use the current method or they can change to the check boxes. I know this was not consistent in the pics I made, but I thought I would show both ways of indictating a selected file. Which method do you prefer?

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Again, good stuff!

[quibble 1]
The act of restoration itself won’t harm the computer,
which is why I suggested the words “result in”.
[/quibble 1]

[quibble 2]
I still prefer “Send” over “Submit” (and “Sent” over “Submitted”)
because I think it’s simpler and clearer.
[/quibble 2]


Yep. And the not submitted files should all be pre-checked.
Plus a global check box for all files.
Good catch!


Okay pics were edited and re-posted here.

I see your point…I think the new changes I made will make the notifcation more accurate.

I see your point…change made!

In the current Quarantine window in CIS, the files are selected by turning the line grey. So, indicating that a file is selected can either use the current method or they can change to the check boxes. I know this was not consistent in the pics I made, but I thought I would show both ways of indictating a selected file. Which method do you prefer?

This may be problematic. If CIS automatically selects them, but does not do anything with the selected files, then any action can be taken by the user on these files (including delete). I think it makes more sense to pop up a window when quarantine is opened that says “Do you want to send Possible malware files to Comodo for analysis?” That way, the possible malware (including heuristic detections) are all selected and sent when you click “yes”.

I vote for check boxes – my experience is that ordinary users have big problems with multiple selections, a much easier time understanding and using check boxes.

Why not? There may be times when Delete is what the user wants.

I’m reluctant to have anything that takes a measure of control away from the user. I’d probably just make “Send to COMODO for Analysis” the [highlighted] default button with “(recommended)” added to the button (as below) if any Possible Malware is checked because of Not yet having been sent (otherwise Close would be the [highlighted] default, and “(recommended)” would not be on the Send button).

 | Send to COMODO |
 |    for Analysis      |
 |  (recommended)   |


I agree. The pic does not show a line greyed as selected, check boxes are quickly identified as being selected.
JNavas’ suggestion is good.

Thank you! ;D


I fiddled with the interface and came up with the following 2 ways of dealing with this issue. When “submit to Comodo” is clicked (pic 1), a new window pops up only when some of the “possible malware” is not selected for submission (either pic 2 or pic 3). I think either of these methods keeps the Quarantine window less confusing with a cleaner interface.

In the 3rd pic, the check box would be selected by default.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It troubles me that files already sent to COMODO get removed without the user being able to override. What if I want to resend files because nothing has happened? Perhaps there should be a dialog box with that option (and Cancel as the default):

Files Already Sent
The following files have already been Sent to COMODO for analysis:

Are you sure you want to send them again?
Yes Cancel

The checkbox in the 2nd Send dialog box troubles me because there is no list of files. I don’t want to do something unless I know exactly what it is.

And shouldn’t there be a place to enter Comments?


Done… see pic 1.

Yes I liked the first option better also…even if it is a bit redundant (it re-lists all the files you just selected), but it does make the “send” process more compartmentalized (which I think makes the user interaction more intuitive). See 2nd pic…

We could use predefined “headings” for the comments (see pic 2) such as:

  • “False positive/Incorrect Detection”
  • “Possible Malware/suspicious file”
  • “Other”

The user could select one of these basic headings. (I guess we could also include a text box and the user could type any additional comments in a text box). The standard headings would allow comodo to use the heading to automatically sort the submissions. When “add all possible malware” is selected, the heading/comment of the added files would automatically be set to “Possible malware/suspicous file”.

Were you also thinking of adding a textbox for each file (to type comments) or just one text box for the entire batch that is sent? We could do both…as show in the pic.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Since CIS already knows why something is in Quarantine, I’d like to see that displayed in the Quarantine window:
File Name Location Date Quarantined By Comments Status Sent to COMODO

  • File Name: just the file name
  • Location: just the directory path
  • Date Quarantined: both date and time
  • By: “CIS” or “User” [Add]
  • Comments: Malware name if By “CIS”
  • Status:
  • “Malware” (confirmed by COMODO),
  • “Possible Malware” (By CIS or User [Add])
  • “Safe” (confirmed by COOMODO)
  • Sent to COMODO: date (and time) or the word “No”


  • Comments: writable text control
  • All others: read-only text controls
  • Sort: by clicking on any column label (Windows standard behavior)

There might be different buttons for:

  • Send new item(s) to COMODO for Analysis… (recommended)
    brings up a confirmation list
  • Select item(s) and Send to COMODO for Analysis…
    brings up a selection list of all items, with checkboxes, pre-checked for new items

Both confirmation and selection list would have Send and Cancel buttons (with Send active only if at least one item to be sent).

Comments would be entered automatically in the confirmation and selection list dialogs, and could be edited by the user (with edits saved by CIS).

What do you think?


The dialogue boxes are getting rather busy…but have a look.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for the all the hard work!

  • Eliminate File Size column – make it a mouse over popup
  • In File sent to COMODO – take out “Sent:” (just have date and time)
  • Consolidate Threat Name and Comments
  • Change separate Comment field to Message to COMODO
  • Eliminate Email address – do all messaging in CIS

Your thoughts?

I edited the pics in my previous post, see the corrections there.

I thought it may be nice to keep the file size column in the Quarantine window, but I removed it from the send window (helps save space). I wanted to keep it in the pics and then Comodo and other users can decide if they really want it (it is a feature in the current CIS send file window).

I removed the “sent:” and replaced with just the date…it does look cleaner.

Not sure what you mean by “Consolidate Threat Name and Comments.” Are you talking about the user comments?

I think it is better to keep “user comments” rather than “message to Comodo.” The user may want to keep a message to himself regarding the files such as “file may have sensitive data, do not send to comodo.” In the send window, the user can be given the option to send comments to Comodo.

I kept the e-mail address because it is a current option in CIS. I am not sure if it really assists Comodo, but if it does, I am all for keeping it. If it does not help much, we should probably get rid of it.


And I guess we could change Submit Suspicious Files under Miscellaneous section to take care from suspicious, quarentined and false positives.

Also, see that https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/how_report_false_positives_also_a_cimass_suggestion-t34210.0.html;msg246271#msg246271