One option: A “suspicious files” list could still be kept. The “quarantine list” would move the file from its given location into quarantine (preventing its execution), whereas the “suspicous files” list would simply add the file to a list (but it would not move the file nor prevent its execution). I think you could use the “send to Comodo” window that I posted to send files from quarantine or from suspicious files.

Another option: Eliminate the “suspicous files” list altogether, and only allow submitting through quarantine.

Yes, I think that if the suggestions in these pics are used, other areas of CIS may need to be modified to create better integration and to prevent redundancy.

I think this is already incorporated to some extent into the pics that I presented. The pics show that it allows the user to state a reason for submitting the malware (i.e. “Possible incorrect detection” or “possible Malware”). I think the user should not have to guess whether the file should be classified as a Virus or spyware or whatever (especially for those who are not knowledgable about these distinctions). Labeling it as “possible malware” is sufficient in my opinion. If an experienced user wants to provide more info based on their expertise, then this can be incorporated into their user comments.

I don’t know this is by design or not… but my wish of sending quarantined files is ‘half met’ now. Now, with CIS 3.8, I can access ‘Quarantine’ folder through ‘submit suspicious files’ feature of CIS, though it is not accessible through explorer… Great. Today I was able to send a malware through this feature removing the pain of zip, protect and send through Email.

When Comodo antivirus alerts pop up it would be god to have option to Ignore for certain period of time (5,10,15 minutes or so), because ignore once button doesn`t let you do anything. It automatically flags again.

Sorry for intrusion. I will make new topic.

This is a good set of recommendations / screens. Should be moved to live asap. :-TU