Quarantine not working properly

So, I picked up Comodo today (after switching from Bit Defender from Geek Squad,) and the usual thing happened, where there are files the AV thinks are malicious, but aren’t.
I was able to add them to the Exclusions and Trusted Files after the initial scan, but an executable that was added to Trusted Files ended up being automatically added to the Quarantine several hours later.
I opened up the Quarantine through Tasks > Advanced Tasks > View Quarantine, and the file wasn’t listed.
I hit refresh, and even logged in as an Administrator, but no dice.
To see if it refused to show any quarantined files, I created a copy of an image, renamed it “quarantineme.gif” and added it to the Quarantine.
The file showed up, however, when I went to restore it, I received a pop-up message saying, “failed to restore file.”
The file then promptly disappeared from the Quarantine list, and didn’t return to its original folder.

After a quick search online, I found the folder where quarantined items are added on my computer, and the original executable that was supposed to be a Trusted File, but ended up getting quarantined and is invisible to me is there, along with my “quarantineme.gif” (I’m guessing, since the timestamps on the files match the times that they were put into quarantine.

Is there any known reason for this to occur?
I’ve seen people with the message “Failed to restore file. Access is denied,” however, this is a different message, completely omitting the “Access is denied” part.
I’m not sure how to get Comodo to recognize the files under “C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\Quarantine\data”

Thank you in advance for reading the whole post and providing any advice/help.

Hi conspiracydawg,

Could you please check your inbox and provide us the requested logs. :-TU

Mathi R