QT Creator


I’m trying to run QT Creator, but all I can see is “application stopped responding”. I managed to run it only once (I set firewall and defense+ to learn mode, I got question from firewall about connection and I chose “allow”). That was the only one time I could run it. Now it doesn’t want to run, even with firewall and defense+ set to off. Qtcreator.exe is on both allowed lists. I ran windbg and it said that there is a problem with qtnetwork4.dll.

Is there something that I can do ?

There is one thing that works. I can pull off internet cable, wait for a while and then run application.

Hi januzi.

I run QT Creator and it works fine. It’s requirements as far as CIS are concerned are quite simple. I’d suggest removing QT, making sure there are no left overs and then reinstalling.