QQ password change appeal?

Hi. I know this is completely off-topic so I hope I have placed it correctly here.

A few years ago I registered a QQ account, as I have some Chinese friends and I keep in touch with them
(I am from Romania).

Today I logged into my QQ account (which I haven’t done for quite a while) and decided to change my
password, because it was getting old.

However, I only got an ‘appeal ID’ and was told that QQ staff would review my password change…

… review my password change ??? What The Hell !?

So, should I expect that they refuse my change of password? What do you know about this company,
should I trust it for acting like a Secret Service even when I try to do a simple thing like a regular password

Thanks for your feedback.

cocalaur, don’t worry… you should be able to change your password and also keep your QQ a/c.

Because a few years back there were hackers hacking into individual users computers and stealing their QQ a/cs ( together with their game coins and gaming gears), so Tencent decided to strengthen QQ’s security from thereon.

Just wait… usually within 2 days they should accept your password change.



Your Appeal is not for QQ password change, you are unable to log into your QQ a/c because…

1/ your password is not correct or
2/ your QQ a/c has not been active (logged into) for a long time, at least a year or so

QQ security center asks for details from you to satisfy them that you are really the owner of this QQ a/c. And from their reply, it seems you have not given satifactory details needed to reactivate your a/c. A simple alternative is to apply for a new QQ a/c and add your friends again. (that is if you have their QQ a/c #'s) :wink: