Qns abt Comodo aft migrating from Outpost..

I do not know to post this topic here or in the Help section… But since I’m not experiencing any problems, I think it’ll be better to post here… Feel free to move this topic if required.

I just switched from Outpost to Comodo Firewall, but currently, I feel that the user interface for Comodo is rather bad compared to Outpost…

I do a question about rule creation in Comodo…

To me, creating rules in Outpost seems very easy as when an alert pops out, I can easily set a rule and have fine controls over the rules to set the port, IP, INbound/Outbound etc. for what is allowed and what is not.

However, for Comodo, it seems that I am unable to easily control the rules set by the application monitor unless I do it manually. THat is to say, when a alert pops out, i only have the option to allow/deny (with remember this rule)… And I can’t change if I want to allow all IP address or certain IP addresses, all port or only that specific port on the spot unless I manually go to the Application monitor to change the rule here.
This seems quite troublesome?

Also, am I right to assume that the Alert Freqencies (Low/High/Very High etc.) simply monitors more details like port etc. So, if you put it on Low, and allow an application with remember this rule ticked, it will simply allow THAT application regardless of what port its trying to access and if its inbound or outbound etc. To me, this all or nothing approach is quite tedious? Wheras Outpost allows you to create a rule nicely to suit your preference for future connection of the application… This allows you control your level of alert freqencies…

Also, the ability not to be able to group applications together in application monitor like Outpost also seems to be quite frustrating when you want to review all the rules…

Also, am I right to say that Protocol Analysis = SPI? So, if my router already supports SPI, turning on Protocol Analysis in Comodo will be useless?

Am I doing somethign wrong here… or is my understanding of Comodo wrong? Or is Comodo simply designed like this?
Thanks… :■■■■

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