qBittorrent and Comodo Firewall Rules Question?.

I am a long time user of qBittorrent and have always used the same set of firewall rules in Comodo CIS to allow it. I have a rule for Incoming TCP & UDP Connections above a rule for Outgoing TCP Connections above a rule for Outgoing UDP Connections above a rule for HTTP Requests and finally a Block & Log all unmatching requests rule which blocks IP in or out at Any-Any-Any.
I use a VPN connection and qBittorrent is set to use a specific port on that. Since updating to Comodo CIS v8 last week I noticed that I was getting an inordinate amount (1000’s) of Network intrusions logged. I eventually found that this was only happening while qBittorrent was open and stopped as soon as it was closed. I checked through the options but all was as I had always had it set. I then checked my ruleset in Comodo Firewall and saw that an extra rule had been added at the top which Allowed IP out to MAC any from MAC any when Protocol was Any. This was a direct conflict to my Block & Log Rule above. I deleted it but a few seconds after got a pop up from Comodo saying that qBittorrent was seeking to connect to the internet to an address 216.34,181.60 TCP via HTTP 80 ( this address I later found was to Sourceforge for the qBittorrent updater). I allowed it but when I checked my ruleset saw that the Allowed IP rule had been added again. Can anyone here explain this and how to resolve it. Thanks in advance.

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