My favourite programme namely Q-dir doesn’t work as supposed to, I mean I cannotuse the basic functions like copy paste from one window to another.
I did add the q-dir.exe to trusted files and nothing.
Can you direct me into the rightdirection guys, pls? O0

Are you getting sandbox alerts?

Please reboot, run q-dir then take and publish screenshots of your Defense+ logs.

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and how exactly am I supposed to do that? I mean where are the logs hidden darn it

no, no SB alerts here

  • Did you update the software to the latest version?
  • Were there any messages from CIS/CF


Now discovered I can’t even copy txt in Opera to other application

Just updated Q-dir

I set the D+ and FW to learning mode - is it wrong setting?

If you install a program like Faststone. (Just google it). Then you can capture screen shots.

Logs are to be found in the D+ event viewer.

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why do I need faststone
snipping is enough I guess

amI supposed to past all of these?


The copy/paste problem is a known problem with virtualised browsers. You may be able to get round it by sandboxing the browser unrestricted and virtualised. Security protection will be less however.

Virtualisation in CIS is at an early stage of development. Reading my FAQs may help you understand (see stickies above). Are your problems with Qdir resolved? Were you running it virtualised?

If you still have problems with Qdir please post any log entries relating to the program.

Sorry you are having these problems

Best wishes


still don’t know how to handle the logs…

bear with me

Check Firewall or Defense + events and there click on “More” and you will find all logs for all module (Antivirus / Firewall / Defense +).

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Found it!!! Would neveroccur tometolook for it there man

You know what… strange thing, I knowI made some changes 6 days ago and now startedmy friend’s laptop to see every problemmentioned above…misteriously solved, ha

thanks for your guidance guys