Puzzling - bug?

I have an email that appears stuck in the challenge process - part of CAS that normally ssems to work OK.

Challenge email has been sent, and a valid response has been received. THe response seems to have been seen by CAS as another possible spam mail, as it has been given the status awaiting authentication. Status of original email is still ‘awaiting authentication’ even after several send/receive cycles.

Anyone any ideas? Wanted to check that I was not misunderstanding before posting as bug.


Did you changed the subject? And did you use the default subject when you replied the Alert Message?

AH thanks - that’s probably it. THe sender of the ASA response changed the subject line. I assumed that CAS identified the response just by the sender email address, but clearly not.

I can see that you might want to reduce the likelyhood of a spammer sending you lots of spam and so randomly hitting on the passcode, but not sure this is the best way to do it. Hash code in the ASA wuld be better?

Must test to see what CAS actually does sometime, but meanwhile thanks again!!!