put on pc

i have files saved online with cos but from the web interface how do i put them onto my computer?

You can download them one by one.
If you want to download the entire folder once you need either COS or CB installed.


heres my problem.i go to cos website,sign in and select a xls(excel)file.then click the blue download button to the right of the file and nothing happens also when i do the same thing for a pdf file it opens it instead of downloading it?i can download other word files and pictures but not excel or pdf files?

ok i figured out the problem.the excel file was in xls and could not download it from the cos web interface but when i made it xlsx i can download it.but cant open it keep getting virus scanning at the bottom of the file and then says file is locked by anther user.i can open the file fine but not within cos program on the pc.theres somekind of conflict with cos and excel.

I assume you are using Internet Explorer.
Try to right click on the blue arrow and choose “Save target as…”
This should fix the problem.


i can download it now but im having another problem with excel(xslx)files.i have cos installed on the pc and when i open the cos drive and try to open an excel file i get file locked by another user and i cant view the file.the file is also located on my desktop and i have no problems opening it.this is only happening with excel files inside of cos?using office 2007.

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Thank you for reporting the issue.
We will work to fix it as soon as possible.

any word on when this issue might be fixed?as of now i can’t open/view excel files inside cos(on pc)