Put EasyVPN on the Front Burner

EasyVPN is very close to being usable, and being a fabulous little app. Only thing stopping it is very low remote desktop speed, and lack of remote file management. Average (non-geek) people are just starting to discover and understand the value of remote assistance, and Comodo has an opportunity to corner the market in this category.

Please put this potentially great little app higher on the priority list!

Thanks Melih and Comodo, for all you do! :-TU

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: If you want a good remote manager then I recommend you teamviewer.

Valentin N

on it :slight_smile:


pls do tell us more about what you exactly want to see in it and how etc…web based or app etc?



i would love to see the remote access at its best because currently i use logmein to fix friends computers and i would rather use easyVPN but the last time i tried it, it was really slow and laggy but it has quit a while since i tried it.

For Customer/Clients PC’s I use UltraVNC heavily modified code;
For Friends/Family I use Teamviewer because the simple fact that it’s built by people who know how to build remote access tools :slight_smile: I do use their TeamViewer Manager to keep a bookmark on clients so i can never have to enter a password again or enter an ID/Username just double click and it requests the user to accept

Thus they only need to download a 3 MB File for Secure Connection/Chat/Remote Control/File Transfer/Automatic Script Download_Run/Also for fun I added a timer (To time how long we have been connected)

I would like to see Comodo release such program :slight_smile: As I don’t have coding in my blood nor in my heart, I can’t make such creations! :slight_smile:

I would like to have a such program where they don’t need to install drivers or 20 MB file just to use only for probably 4 minutes then uninstall it; should have a portable client thus can be always downloaded/ran on a USB

I would like to see Remote Access Tool (again) from Comodo :smiley:



You only have to ask :slight_smile:

we are on it!

tell us all the best features you want to see and we’ll make sure to add it in :slight_smile:



I wouldn’t change too much. I prefer it as an app, portable is always desirable, if possible.

Remote desktop assistance is pretty slow, and the main obstacle IMHO.

I wish for a way to manage files remotely, similar to a local network.

I love typing wish lists. They are soooo much easier than coding! :slight_smile:



you are so right about that :slight_smile:

let me type it to our developers to :slight_smile:

lets keep building a wishlist, Shane is working on it as we speak…but need the wishlists pls…

that is my biggest wish, to have the remote desktop working top notch so i can use this instead of logmein.

easier usability for getting tech support from a friend


no one has this that i know of. i think this will be tremendously useful. please read this

I would like to see remote assistance added to Comodo Internet Security, basically like GeekBuddy that I can assist family and friends with their computers. Asking them to install yet another program (EasyVPN) and create an account is not always so easy, but if I have them using Comodo Internet Security then I know that I can easily help them, and that they are protected well.

Also, I’d like to see an Android client so I can access my home computer from my Android phone.

A web interface would be nice too. Perhaps that could work with Chrome OS?

that would be nice to have built in remote assistance option during the install of cis but i think a stand alone would be nice so that we can help friends and family who do not yet have cis or don’t want to use cis. with the stand alone EasyVPN yes the person needing help will still have to install another program but at least this way they wont have to uninstall their current security programs in exchange for cis. if they had to do that then a lot of people would give up on getting help. so regardless of whether or not they have integration as an option they should still have a stand alone version that doesn’t require cis

how is teh development going? is there any eta on the next release?