Put comodo banners and logos on your site

Hi all
Please put banners and logos on your site. I added some and you should too!
Check mine out they look great!



please feel free to comment and email me as you wish. I am looking for site reviewers as my site is very new to the world, it is not seen by many, a few people from the UK are on but I need more viewers.
Help me and comodo out. Put comodo banners on your website!
(CNY) to get promoted it can’t do it alone!

I was reading the Disclaimer on the banner thing… I was going to ask some questions about the whole

“The area around the banner must be free of other typography or graphics, however there are no minimum clear space requirements.”

What exactly do they mean? like anything specifics. Or is it that i can’t include typing on it, or anything over it. Does that include Typing next to the logo? because my website in on Google sites.


but overall Comodo Saved my studios from total data loss. And for that they get a space on my Website. :-TU

they mean that you cant have other ads basically on top of the comodo one. but you can have the comodo ad in the middle of a blank page



Powerfully aware of insistent bugs,
comodo is ready to give you hugs.

It will search your drive,
as well as your hive,
and bring security to you.

A well being of protection as needed,
comodo will find, and directions will be heeded,
all your computer problems defeated.

Security as a watchful eye, will
comodo find them on the fly.

With a satisfied mind, and only one of a kind,
will each end user be, as comodo will scan
your entire tree, and ensure your safety will be.

The power of the dragon will be at your hand,
to defy any attack from the hackers demand.

Stand with Comodo and you will be sure,
that all the infections will be healed or cured.

Ken T.