Purging HIPS rules closes window back to the main screen

CIS 6. When I try to purge the HIPS rules, the “HIPS rules” window closes back to the main screen.

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It does not happen here. I am on Win 8 x86. What are others seeing?


I have reinstalled CIS 6 and now when I purge the list, I get the popup window which says all the entries are valid and I close it by hitting the OK button. I don’t know what the problem was.

Not sure what the cause is.
I have experienced this multiple time myself ever since 6.0 was released
i have installed it on two laptop both running windows 7.
tried a number of things including uninstalling and reinstalling several times
Still get the same problem
I have also installed 6.0 on a laptop running win8 pro. Also get the same result
Also uninstalled and reinstalled it.
Best as I can tell this is a bug.
Thus I have removed 6.0 from all of our laptops and went back to using 5.12 which still runs solid on our hardware.

This happens to me sometimes too, but I’m unsure what causes it. In one case though I know that having a outdated entry caused it to close, and the only way I got around it was by removing the entry manually instead of using purge. After that using purge worked fine. I think it’s just one of numerous bugs in 6.0.