Purge sandboxed programs

When I purge sandboxed programs, the valid programs are considered to be invalid, and removed.

When you reset the sandbox it will automatically delete everything in the sandbox. Even valid programs. For example, if you install Firefox in the sandbox and then reset the sandbox, Firefox will be deleted. Is this what you were wondering?

I mean that, access ‘Sandbox’ panel by clicking Tasks > Sandbox Tasks > Open Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Defense+ > Sandbox, in the area of Sandboxed Programs I add programs that I want them to run in the sandbox. When I want to check that all files listed are actually installed at the path specified by clicking the handle at the bottom and select ‘Purge’, I will be told that the indeed valid files are not valid, and removed.

Is it possible that the files are not valid? If they are really valid then maybe this is a bug. I am not sure. Sorry I could not help you more.

Thanks for your reply. I am sure the files considered to be invalid by comodo are really vilad.

No problem. Glad I could help you. ;D