dose any one know why this is happening to me? every time i start up Battlefield 2142 it KICKS me saying “punk buster” EVERY TIME its getting irritating iv been trying to fix this for weeks and have not found a way any ideas plz???

Hello. :slight_smile:
Is this related to CIS?

Punkbuster is explained here:

PunkBuster is required for Most of FPS games. It prevents game cheatings and hacks(trainers).

1.Install punkbuster
2.Update punkbuster.
3.go to game menu enable punkbuster.

If you use CIS, allow all of related files for punkbuster as a ‘trusted application’.
If you don’t allow them, game server kick you constantly in a min.

Under my Vista, there are two files, PnkBstrA.exe, and PnkBstrB.exe located in Windows/sysWOW64. Both of these need to be ‘Trusted’.