Pseudo-Predefine Policy as a combination of other Predefined Policies

Please add a feature to allow user to create a new Predefined Firewall Policy (as now I call pseudo-predefined policy) as a combination of other predefined policies. And any change made in the combined policies will reflected in the pseudo-policy.

as some users have expressed some similar idea in this thread
However, I think that a combined predefine policy is more solid and versatile than the one suggested in the thread above.

Currently, when I copy a predefined policy to an app., it becomes a custom policy which is only usable until the next popup that will allow this app to connect to the internet. After that a new rule is automatic created and put at the very top and will allow connection from any to any. Thus it renders the rule become next to useless.

On the other hand, if I assign a predefined policy to an app., it will stick as it is predefined. The above situation will not happen.

Combining with the suggestion in the thread below
Comodo firewall will become very versatile, solid, powerful, and yet very easy to use + configure even for the novice, inexperienced users.

What do you think?
And please do vote.

Thank you in advance


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