Proxy support


Is it possible to support a proxy in the future?

I want to access my pc at home from my work and vice-versa.
Only one problem: we have a proxy with username and password at work.

I installed easyvpn on my laptop at work.
Because it can’t access our proxy it gives following error: host not found.

I hope proxy support is on the to-do list.

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Please, say to me how easyVPN works through proxy and NAT, which ports and resources are uses?

Thanks in advance!

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it works similar to MSN/Live messenger except for the fact that it doesn’t support Tunneling over HTTP proxy… so you need a few ports open here and there…


To the EVPN Server and then a high port range number P2P, if that fails it should fallback to relay over the Server(s).

Will tunneling over HTTP proxy be implemented in the future?

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It’s info very usefull! Thanks a lot, :-TU and sorry for my English!

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Don’t know, I’m just a Volunteer helping around on the forums :wink:
Put it on the wish-list and see if it will someday…

No problem, I’m not native English myself but i can read between the lines :wink: