Proxy feature not implemented well?

When I select “Use this proxy server:” in CD’s settings, I’m assuming the first (larger) input field is for the host name or address of the proxy server and that the second (smaller) field is for the port.

When I enter the information for my (SOCKS 5) proxy server, CD seems to be at a loss and unable to look up or connect to anything. Perhaps there needs to be a place to specify the type of proxy server?

I’m using direct connection now, as the 3rd option seems to be using IE’s settings which I prefer not to change to using a proxy because [as I understand it] this effects the whole system to use a proxy instead of only IE’s activities.

Has anyone else had this problem, or is this a known issue or something?

well it seems that Comodo Dragon assumes that the proxy server is an HTTP proxy, so when I try to use a SOCKS5 proxy server it fails.

I’d like to see SOCKS5 proxy support as well so I can connect Comodo Dragon to my local Tor relay without having to worry about DNS leaks.