Proxifier + Comodo Firewall

Proxifier allow work with http proxy on SSL mode only, that what i like.

All applications which working through proxifier finish work with an error ( i adjust proxifier settings manually )

How to adjust settings firewall that it was possible to work with proxifier ?

OR You will make support Proxifier + Comodo Firewall?

What error do you get from the applications?

Can you show us a screenshot of your firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall events.

>>>> What error do you get from the applications?
Process which under Proxifier (when he tries to walk on the Internet) it simply vanishes from the list of processes in taskmgr.exe

If process does not walk on the Internet ,he does not fall, and can work eternally

Proxifier not blocked application in my Comodo settings.

Nothing wrong here, Comodo just block my net bios ports but not Proxifier.

I use the Portable version of Proxifier 2.8
I find out, that Proxifier portable works with memory of programs svchost.exe (maybe also explorer.exe )

In other Firewall i saw that main exe of Proxifier, walks on the Internet, to those addresses which I type in a browser Opera in adress bar (i mean, the Opera does not walks on the Internet during this moment )

You can download Proxifier portable for tests here it works free for 30 days.
If you need a key, i could give my own key, just write me in PM

PS: not all Firewalls support Proxifier, but I hope that Comodo will make this support.