Hello, Comodo is the best firewall, but I have one idea on firewall or IDS. Net protection log show attack on net, how protocol, source IP, destination IP, port, date and time… but no name attack, so I propose, that net protection will give name net attack (for example: port scan, ARP cache poisoning…). I am sorry for my english.

I am going to move this to the Firewall Wish board.

+1. I remember Outpost had this in v4 (I didn’t use Outpost after this version).

Thanks for answer. So, will it has new version Comodo firewall?

I have no idea whether this idea will be part of the v4. I am not a Comodo employee.

Expect v4 no earlier than the end of this year or may be later. THe end of the year was a preliminary estimation by Melih (Comodo’s CEO).