protocol filter

hello,is possible add to comodo firewall 3 a filter of protocols where i,for example, can choose if accept or deny udp and tcp packets,http,ftp, netbios packets…and any other protocols?

for example,if i go to

at box of right there are all type of protocols for each level of iso/osi standard…can be implemented a filter where i can choose what protocol block and what protocol allow?sorry for my poor english

Hi lupin. You can go to Network Security Policy, create a rule, then select Add/Add. Choose IP Details then choose IP Protocol, choose which ever you want, there is even a custom option.

yes but there aren’ t ip such as ftp,http,netbios,pop3…

To control data flow through the ports you indicated use port sets from the firewall main page. Each port is associated IANA defined number. for example HTTP = port 80.

for example,if i would block all packets that have netbios or sop protocol,how can i do?

NetBIOS is port 139. Not sure what SOP is though?

netbios isn’t only 139…sop is the protocol of sopcast,a program for see tv at streaming…sorry for my poor english

NetBIOS uses the following ports and protocols:

NetBIOS Name Service - UDP port 137
NetBIOS Datagram Service - UDP port 138
NetBIOS Session Service - TCP port 139

You would need to create a new port set for 137-139, then create some rules to allow the protocols.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about SOP, but the principle is the same, you just need to find out which ports and protocols it uses.