Protection Strength Bad


I had Firewall 2.4 running fine until the 3.0 came along. After installing 3.0 I could no run it, getting the message that there was something wrong with the application. The self diagnosis was finding/resolving the problem and asking me to re-boot. After the re-boot, the same problem, again! So I went back to the 2.4 version . . . that’s why I’m here for. After re-installing the 2.4 version, when I go to the Summary, it shows that the Protection Strength is “bad” and shows all the components under the “Security Monitoring” as “off”. More, when I go into each one, I cannot turn them “on”. The “Computer Security Level” is “custom” and everything seems OK, but . . . is it OK?? When I go to “Security/Tasks” when I click on tasks nothing opens . . .