Protection against ransomware.


Does CIS have protection against ransomware? … if so, how to configure it?


CIS v.
Database version: 32957

Yes, CIS protects against Ransomware, and any other kind of Malware, through Auto-Containment & HIPS modules.

You can change CIS to ‘Proactive Security’ mode, this will enhance overall protection of all CIS components. You can also check and use the Cruelsister settings for Comodo Firewall (also valid for CIS) which will further enhance the level of protection provided.

Hi safamode,
so I am worried because a ransomware encrypted an excel file on my machine and I would like to know if Comodo has a module that decrypts this file ?!

The ransomware created a .mars file in place of my excel file.
Need help!

No it doesn’t, but try the advice and tools on these sites:

Picandalo, just out of curiosity, this Excel file that was encrypted by the Mars Ransomware was located in which Folder? I am asking because the ‘Downloads’ folder is set by default as an exception to Auto-Containment’s Virtualization by Comodo, so any Ransomware could encrypt files located in this mentioned folder.

EDIT: Did this Ransomware compromised your machine with CIS installed or you installed CIS after the infection?

Looks like another case of the Default Settings in CIS being weak - Installing it without properly configuring it is the same as not installing it at all.