Protecting only one partition: feasible and safe?

I run CTM 2.0.112674.133 and i am very glad of it.
Up to now the program seems already perfect in beta! so i hope Comodo wont abandon or delay this great project.

I discovered ,though,i cannot give protection to only one of the two partitions i’ve got, as
i decided for a complete protection of both at install and now I find no way to go back at settings.
Now i came to the conclusion it’d be easier to protect just C.


a-can i alter the decision at install in any way?

b-would a reinstall over it and a new choice at the right moment be all right?

c-or do i have to uninstall-reinstall?

d-would a partial protection of just one partition of two endanger security in even an hypothetical way? I mean rootkit-trojan wise?
Assuming CTM can completely protect either by itself or with the aid of CIS.