Protecting EXE files from Viruses

Hello All,

This is probably not relevant to this forum but thought I would ask anyway.

I produce digital publications in exe format. I have had serious problems with a particular virus (mentioned in another post) and was wondering if anyone new of any software/technology that protects an exe file from becoming infected. I managed to cure this one but am worried that I won’t be so lucky next time.

Thanks for any advise


thats exactly what CPF v3 is designed to do.
However do u distribute those EXEs?
Where do u want to protect them, at your machine or after distribution etc?

Hello and thanks for the reply.

I would like to protect the files before I distribute them to my customers. The customer would then distribute the exe as and when requested. I know I can scan the exe files to ensure they are clean before I send them but if I could add some sort of protection it would also put my clients mind at ease.

Thanks again for the advise.


Thanks for the response Andrew

Now i understand your need. You want a mechanism so that your customers can say, yes this software came from Andrew and it was not modified or has any malware in it. The most popular and easiest way of doing this is to get a Code Signing certificate. This code signing certificate allows you to digitally sign your code, hence anyone can see that it is your signature and know that no malware has modified it. (of course unless it had malware when you created it and digitally signed an infected version, which i am sure won’t be the case with you).

You can buy these Code Signing certificates from Certification Authorities. We are one of them and do provide that service and here is the link (Sectigo )