I am currently using CIS. I only have the firewall and Defense+ installed. I have AVG Free for my AV. I also have Defender, Spybot 1.6, and Ad-Aware 2008. I use Firefox 3.0.5 as my primary browser. I still have to use IE 7 at times. I install Windows Updates.

I have heard that a software firewall is worse than no firewall because it gives you a sense of false security and hacker can bypass the software firewall. The only real firewall is hardware (router). Is this true? I am on a really fixed income and can’t afford a router, that is why I use a free software firewall. If it is not really protecting me, then I need to get a router. I know that this forum is maintained by Comodo and is really pushing their product. I am hoping that users that are not tied to Comodo will give me the truth and Comodo will not edit or delete their messages. I am not bashing anyone/product, I just need the truth. How secure am I given the above programs I am running. I have gone to and my ports are stealth, but how secure is that really? I know it doesn’t mean a hacker can’t still get into your system. Thanks in advance.

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hardware firewall don’t have outbound protection. even if you have a router you’ll still need a software firewall.
there are several leaktests (like GRC shield up etc) to test your firewall, but if you don’t believe in such tests… err perhaps you wanna hire a hacker? ;D

I agree you need a software firewall even when behind a router. Like Ganda Clause points out the hardwire firewall of routers only look at incoming traffic and will allow outgoing traffic.

You need protection from the people in your network, you never know what is on their computers. And you need the firewall/HIPS to have a monitor on what applications want to go contact the local network and the internet and block when needed. Firewall can actually be of help catching trojans as it will alert you to a program you don’t know…

I don’t care what firewall you choose for that task as long as you use one. Of course as Comodo user I most certainly would recommend CIS…