Protected Helper Service


until now only COMODO Internet Security Helper Service was running as a windows service (Windows 10).
A second service has recently been added: COMODO Internet Security Protected Helper Service.
Now two Comodo services are running.
Is this necessary, what is the “Protected” service for ?

I have just deactivated the Protected Helper Service because it has never been running.

Can you tell me something about it?

Thank you very much

I believe its required for Windows 10 Security Center.

Thank you.
But, do you know or do you believe it?

My Security Center is completely shut down. I don’t use the defender, the virus & threat protection or the firewall. I don’t use any Windows internal protection.
So, do I need the Protected Helper Service at all?

I’m not sure why you would prevent a component of CIS from running without first knowing what it does.

If Comodo has included a new service, it is clearly there for a reason.

without first knowing what it does

That is the reason for my question to which I have unfortunately not yet received a qualified answer.
Did you even know that this new service exists?

I don’t just accept everything just because it’s pre-set, I also question things running on my computer. That’s all.
I want to keep my PC and the services running on it as lean as possible.
As much as necessary - as little as possible.

But I don’t want to start a discussion, I just want to know something about the background of the new service " COMODO Internet Security Protected Helper Service".

That’s why I already wrote to Comodo who wanted to establish a remote connection with me via GeekBuddy. Why?

So, does anyone have any real knowledge about this?

Did you even know that this new service exists?


The Protected Helper Service is a requirement to work with Windows 10.