Protected files/folders related bug

I’m not running the beta version (I have no way of doing it so, and I won’t install a beta version in my production system.), but I wish to ask if a kinda old bug related to protected files/folders still exists, which makes Defense+ make the same questions for the same applications all over again, even if allowed, blocked, trusted, etc?

I hope you guys know what I am talking about. I really don’t know how to explain it better. I also must say that I don’t know if this bug appears with default options. I use proactive security mode and all high protections enabled (Safe Mode).


I don’t have this issue. (in all 3.9 Beta’s) ;D

Thank you for replying.

But, were you aware of that bug? (Sorry, is just to be sure.)


According to changelog it has been fixed.

What is new in this 3.9.73525.491 BETA? FIXED! CIS creates duplicate file name entries for some protected file access alerts

I didn’t notice anyone complaing about this issue in beta tests, but since I no longer use Proactive Configuration I cannot verify it by myself.

Then, I hope it is. It was just check, otherwise it should be fixed. :wink: