protected files and folders

So things can be put in the protected files and folders to prevent anything from modifying whatever file or folder is protected.

The rules since v5.x provide an example with an ODS spreadsheet, i.e., Open Office SCalc.exe file association. It goes on to show how to make an exclusion D+ rule: create a HIPS D+ rule for the ODS protected spreadsheet file, and then put the same file into the ‘protected files / folders’ resource access name and by so doing ONLY SCalc.exe will be able to modify the file.

Huh? ???

Seems as if you’d want to put the ODS file into ‘protected files/folders’ resource access name for the SCalc D+ HIPS rule, eh? :o


Really? This works?

If it does, I’m trying to finger out how it would? Perhaps by creating a HIPS D+ rule for the protected file / folder, and placing the image itself into the ‘protected file / folder’ resource access name for the protected file / folder D+ HIPS rule, it over-rides the inherent protection afforded by protected files / folders through some sort of file-association ‘pointer’ or sumpin?

Color me dumbfounded how that works as described in the rules; I’ve checked ALL rulebooks for each version, i.e., 5, 6, 7 AND eight. Same deal. Either its a typo, or it actually works good - last long time - as advertised.