Protected Data Folders

What setting must in HIPS be enabled for CIS to monitor Protected Data Folders?

Will CIS still protect data folders even if I uncheck everything in ‘monitoring settings’ and all the other settings ‘Do not show popup alerts’ etc., and all the Advanced Settings?
Are there any particular settings which augment Protected Data Folders protection?

Protected Data Folders prevents sandbox applications from having read/write access and does not have anything to do with HIPS.

One question, will shortcuts also be protected?

Yes I don’t see why not.

Depends on what you mean, if C:\Example* is added to the Protected Data Folders and you have a shortcut C:\Example\Example.lnk that points to C:\Other Folder\Example.exe then the actual shortcut itself will be protected but I don’t know if the target of the shortcut (Example.exe in this case) will be protected (I’m guessing not but I haven’t tested it)

When protecting the folder in which the shortcuts are your shortcuts will be protected. All files in a Protected Data Folder will be protected as futurtech described.

A file that is linked by a shortcut that is protected will not be protected .

I mean the shortcut of the protected file outside the protected folder.
Anyhow, as EricJH has stated it cannot be, it is too bad for me.

Executables are a protected file by default in CIS. Unknown executables cannot modify them.