Protect the ARP cache

Hi everyone, I have decided to uninstall AVG free anti-virus and zonealarm free firewall and replace it when Comodo on my laptop, after being hacked and having spyware & trojans installed on my PC, that neither of them blocked or detected.

I just do have one question, what does “Protect the ARP cache” actually do? And also, what benefit do I get if I enable “Block Gratuitous ARP frames”?

I have also enabled “Do protocol analysis”, and I am not sure if I should enable the “Monitor NDIS protocols” because I am on a netbook, and do not really want the performance to be slower.

Offtopic: What is a secure and safe browser to use? Right now, I am using Opera because it is fast to open up and I like the speed dial feature, and the turbo feature which enables fast browsing for when my internet is slow. I use to use Firefox but it takes a lot longer to open up on my netbook (Sometimes 30 seconds - a minute) and uses lots of memory.

I guess that anyone coming to the forum should first read other threads and search for what is related to his question before writing yet another thread.

The ARP “issue” has been again documented very recently: ARP cache spoofing/poisoning is only possible from a lan (or maybe, by extension, by a corporate private network over a net domain, but i suppose that you are not a member of such a university or large corporation network).

If no lan where another physical user can run malicious arp attacks (and speaking of large, if your brother is using the computer next to you, he’s certainly not dumb enough to also flood himself), no arp issue: period.

You meant monitor NDIS protocols BUT tcp/ip: even if needed, you would most certainly fail with it on a netbook, but this event is also very theoric as it involves generally unused protocols, and that one is always able to disable the said protocols.
Please refer to: NDIS Driver Types | Microsoft Learn

As for choosing a browser, it’s up to you: one cannot pretend opera would be more secure then firefox or the opposite, but both need to see proper security settings enforced (going through addons as far as firefox is concerned).