Protect Browser fail

1. What Actually Happened
Protection failure browsers

2. What you did to cause que to happen, step by step
toolbars installation of various possible

3. If you repeat These steps does the same thing always happen
Yes, bastas arise the toolbars in question (torrent clients, hao123 baidu …)
Apparently firefox had alerts but was not protected;
Now the tests again nor warning nor protection

4. What you expected or wanted to happen
Alerts should be exibios for all supported browsers or commonly used.

5. Operating system, Whether 32 or 64bit, and service pack number
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 32 bits

CCAV full version number (from Help ~ About)

6. Any other security sandbox or software installed now or previously
Tests were done on both ambiences

7. Does this problem Occur if you load the default configuration and reboot
Yes, occurs even in clean and free installation of any other software installed (except CCAV and toolbars)

8. Any other relevant information (eg Your guess at the reason for the bug)
Maybe CCAV not be able to protect various forms of change, protect you propose to do (browser protection)

9. Links to requested files

NOTE: Not always the bittorrent installers, uTorrent will offer toolbars.
Vuze is almost certain.

I think for verification errors or bugs would be enough to operating system version and program, after all, developers already know all functions of the program to develop, is not it?

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“Remember My Choice” is a must for this. While I am using MozBackup, CCAV is poping up for every seconds.

Hi Liosant many thanks for editing your report.

Maybe I have misunderstood but I am not sure its within the current spec to protect against accidentally choosing to install trusted browser extensions, can you post a link where it says this is intended?

If not within spec you could add it as a wish. If it seems within spec it’s a bug and we’ll need to work a bit more on:

  1. a series of specific steps with a specific toolbar and browser that can replicate the bug

  2. We need to know what other security software you are running, or have run

Also can you explain what ‘bastas’ and ‘exibios’ mean?