Protect browser comodo dragon with comodo internet security


      I need to know if I can protect comodo dragon in comodo internet security? Please help me...I need to know about it. Thanks

Please look at the help page here, you can run your Dragon into CIS Sandbox :slight_smile:
See : Run An Application In A Sandbox, Sandbox Computer Security | Internet Security

Hello. Thanks for your help in my case n_n. If you have a tutorial about comodo internet security please send me the link here because I need to learn about this program. Thanks again :slight_smile:

1 - How to Install Comodo Firewall

2- Illustrated Installation Guide - COMODO Firewall 8 without Bundled Software

and here is my style of using CIS.

1- Choose proactive config and restart
2- Set HIPS “Disabled”
3- Set Firewall alert frequency “Low”

Now, try to get infected :-TU You are now fully protected by CIS. This is my config for years and malwares couldn’t pass :wink:
Just watch out keyloggers, they can sandboxed but they need to access internet to send your key strokes. But we have firewall 8) Block their internet actions and you are again protected :-TU

Hello Yigido. Where can I find the proactive config??. I try to find it and I can’t see it. If you can tell me where I can find, I aprecciate it. Now, I am suspecting that comodo dragon is infected and mi pc too with a javascript that stealt my internet and I can’t removed so if you have a way that I can remove, please tell me because I am worried. Thanks for your help my friend n_n

PD: If you know a program that kill javascript or program unwanted please tell me.

Hello Music Machine,

Lets make a routine check for malwares on your system. Step-by-step do my guide, we will remove malwares & adwares on your system.
If you have any question in any step, please ask about it.

*Download CCleaner and run a cleaning scan and make sure your PC cleaned by CCleaner. Just un-check the “Wipe Free Space” option and select all the others and run the cleaning. - Download Here

1- Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Download here
Unselect the box that says, “Enable free trial,” and then click Finish. Perform a quick scan. Once the scan is complete, click Remove Selected to remove the malware from your computer (see image below). Make sure that everything is selected and apply actions.

2- Download and open HitmanPro - Download here
When HitmanPro opens, click the Next button. Select the second option that says “No, I want to perform…,” and then click Next. Once the scan is complete, click Next. Click Activate free license, and then click Next to remove the malware… Infections might be found delete them.

3- Download and open AdwCleaner - Download Here
When AdwCleaner opens, click the “search” button after scan finishes then click “clean” then restart your computer.
This action will delete all adwares and unwanted softwares.

After these cleaning process tell me your PC is OK or not?
and you can find Proactive Config instruction here : Manage CIS Configurations, Internet Security Configurations | Internet Security
Double click on “Proactive Config” and restart.
After restart

  • Set HIPS “Disabled”
  • Set Firewall alert frequency “Low”


Ok, I install ccleaner and ran the program in my pc. The question is: I am going to registry and clean it and then…I can’t found wipe free space in the program so please help me. Sorry if I don’t understand because I am new about this things.
I will be waiting your answer…thanks for your help n_n

Ok, just click “Run Cleaner” and finish it. The option is disabled by default.
Then start the removal process

hello yigido. Thanks for your help. Please I am sorry if I don’t answer soon but I was with a problem here and but now I am operative but I want to say thanks for your help because the pc was infected and I follow your instruction and now the pc is better. I try your method with pro-active and is the best my friend. Now comodo detect infections and when I had configurated in internet version the virus is coming in so thanks for your advice. The only thing that I can’t running: malware antimalware…the program send me message: error tmp…and bla bla bla. If you have a picture please tell me. I install all the programs that you tell me but the malware I can’t. The other thing is I can’t remove archive of browser ex: google chrome archive is only open with administrator rights LOL. If you have a program that eraser or kill the carpet please tell me o maybe you can show me how can I open with administrator rights withouth put the pc in danger. I hope your answer…n_n. The best for you my friend.