Protect a second drive

Basically ive not really tried Diskshield before but thought i would give it a bash and all seems to be well and good at the moment.Just a couple of quick questions(theres allways a but 88) )
Right,i have two permanent drives hooked up to this computer C: + D: and basically all the D: drive is and this is all i want it to be is a clean image of my initial windows install plus a few other apps(oh and its bootable) therefore if ever the C: drive gets messed up by myself or some app/Malware i can boot to the D drive then wipe the C drive clean and re-do it from the clean image.
So is Diskshield a good way of making sure that nothing on the D: drive can get changed in any way?As long as i keep the D: drive shielded irrelevant of what happens to drive C:(shielded or not) the data on drive D: is protected from any form of modification.
I Know i`m rambling a bit,hopefully someone can understand my gibbering!


If you mean,
That “If a malware or something goes wrong with your C:\ Drive then you just have too boot up in D:\ Drive Correct? and that you are wondering if DiskShield will protect D Drive from getting Damaged, Yes?”

Diskshield will protect the drive but if Diskshield is on C:\ then i highly doubt it will still protect D:\ Drive when C is destroyed… so i think it’s best to have Disk Shield on both Drives Just incase something happens


did this help?

Cheers CG,yeh i`ve got it running on both drives justed wanted to be sure.

Nice 1,